In the loving memory of

Abul K Chowdhury,
Senior system Analyst

Cantor Fitzgerald, North Tower, WTC
February 1st, 1971-September 11, 2001

“Even the smallest act of service, the simplest act of kindness, is a way to honor those we lost, a way to reclaim that spirit of unity that followed 9/11.”

Forever living memory of Abul created by his sister Jannat Chowdhury, BCND, RN


Abul Chowdhury perished along with thousands of other people on Sept 11th 2001, he had been 30 years old, 7 months and 10 days. He had achieved a significant step on the ladder to his lifelong dream. He lived in the heart of New York, Manhattan. After graduating from the College of Staten Island and continuing his post graduate studies at NYU, and after an input of long years of hard work, Abul joined Cantor Fitzgerald in the late 1990’s. He worked on the 103rd floor of the North Tower, World Trade Center as a Senior Systems Analyst at E-speed (division of Canter Fitzgerald) and had recently received a promotion. Abul was not only good at his job, but enjoyed it because he worked with a great group of friends. Sadly, when the airplanes struck, he was in his office working to fulfill his dreams when the impact of this tragedy ended his life, leaving his loved ones forever missing him and had prevented him from the achievement of his lifelong dream which he had been so close.

Abul's name reading in the 9/11 memorial, 2002, moment of silence & the aftermath of his loss.

Abul was an extraordinary human being with a heart of gold who touched the lives of so many. He had an outstanding personality being of generous spirit, smart, loving, caring, good hearted, humble, compassionate, and so kind to others made him one of a kind. His altruistic behavior of helping others without any interest made him so special that people who knew him and his family still cherishes it. He usually stays quite but once he opened his mouth, he was always wise beyond his years, logical and had great values about life. He was so considerate towards every one that he would not worry his family by sharing the challenges of his life. He was a devoted son, fiance, brother and a great friend to many. He always helped anyone who needed help. He felt a special deep love and responsibility to his family. The deep love and care he felt for his family, he could never say no to any one’s wishes. These were very few of the elements of his magnetic personality that has drawn everyone towards him. He was a special gem among his family, friends and coworkers.

The loss of Abul, such a beautiful person has seriously affected everyone’s heart filled with sadness and grief and his absence will leave a legacy of his great wisdom and love. He is missed each and every day. Today he still remains in the hearts of so many that he touched.

Abul's picture in a frame with all the 2,996 people perished on that day, given by the Government to victim’s family in their memory, an American Flag and a wooden urn containing soil and debris from the site of ground zero. A picture of 11 trucks of remains were recovered from ground zero for DNA testing to identify the missing bodies, in NYC Office of chief medical examiner on 1st ave, Manhattan. Looking for him everywhere and picture of ground zero in 2002. Abul’s picture in the Canter Fitzgerald memorial Book given to families, remembering their lost employees and their commitment to rebuild the eSpeed team again. And his sister Jannat's heartfelt words missing him.

Abul’s Profile at the Voices of September 11th, 9/11 living Memorial.

Abul’s Profile at the Voices of September 11th, 9/11 living Memorial.
Abul’s picture in 9/11 Memorial Museum wall with all the other 3,000 people
Abul’s picture in 9/11 Memorial Museum wall with all the other 3,000 people.
Abul’s name is written in the North Tower pool, in the 9/11 Memorial.
Abul’s name is written in the North Tower pool, in the 9/11 Memorial.
Memory of Abul’s phone, donated at the 9/11 Museum.
Abul’s sister Taslima created this art piece in his memory, donated at the 9/11 Museum.
Memory of Abul’s hat and T-shirt from his company Canter Fitzgerald, donated at the 9/11 Museum.
In the Memory of Abul, his sister Taslima created this display for him.
Abul’s name written in the North tower pool in ground Zero, 2010
Abul’s sister Taslima has drawn this picture of him with her own hands in the memory of him.
1st Service in memory for the lost employees of Cantor Fitzgerald held in Rumsey playfield in Central Park, NYC, Oct 1st, 2001

Things Abul liked to do and enjoyed:

Food: He loved all types of food but his favorite food was Indian food (Chicken tikka, & Mango lassi) and the most favorite one was, he loved his mom’s food (Mom’s paratha, Aloo bhaji, fish curry and biryani).

Sports: He liked watching mix basketball games and Nicks was his favorite team.

Abul’s playing football with his Canter fitzgerald friends.  

Movies: he loved watching movies and would like to watch every new movie will come out. His very favorite movie was Matrix, he would watch this 10 times, but still won’t get bored from it. He liked Titanic movie, star wars, and his favorite comedy TV show was “Friends”.

Hobbies: he was very adventurous and courageous: He did sky diving with his friends. He loved nature so much that he loved to enjoy nature freely like climbing trees, especially on the coconut trees in Hawaii. He loved fishing and going for vacations. His favorite place was Hawaii, Maui. He loved oceans, beaches and loved swimming and diving there. He also loved pets.  

Abul’s Skydiving video

Music: He loved English music. His favorite songs he liked was of Michael Jackson & George Michael, Savage Garden, Enrique Iglesias, and the oldest song of Modern talking-Brother louie.


      Sometimes life is not fair by taking the loved ones from us. May be life gives us an opportunity to see life in a different perspective and learn to live our lives with the changes.

“Loss of Abul, the beautiful person has hit everyone hard with sadness and left our hearts broken”.

       But we know that, he was one of those angels who came to this world for a short period of time and left us with his great gifts of wisdom and knowledge to lead our lives more gracefully. He has inspired his family and friends with his golden heart. We treasure the legacy he left us to follow. Abul will remain forever in our hearts, in our spirit and in the hearts of those who knew him. Step by step we are learning to live again with his memories and laughter, as he would want us to do. Abul, thank you for making the differences in the lives of all you have touched.

His great wisdom and knowledge has affected us so much that we want to follow his legacy for the rest of our lives.

Abul's message for us and the legacy he left us to follow.



         One of the most healing things is to let the grief flow through us even as we try to be aware of the ongoing life around us. After losing Abul perhaps, he became our guardian angel, our link with the other side. But to let him go initially is one of the compromise we are forced to make with life.

         Change is the order of life and how we resist it. Sometimes, looking back we see that only by letting go, were we able to move on to new adventures, new insights and satisfactions? There is consolation of knowing that even difficult change brings surprising gifts. Memories of Abul will nourish our heart, ease the sharp edges of grief and whether or not we speak of it to one another, it will spread its arms to comfort and to gather us as one family. 

May God rest his soul in peace and all the 3,000 people perished with him, Amen!

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